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About Us

FFRG’s Mission

It is our mission to create positive lasting changes in communities by connecting people to community resources through:

  • Assessing client need
  • Connecting clients to services and materials that best meet their needs
  • Networking with partnership nonprofits, churches, community leaders, business and volunteers.
  • Following up with clients and partners to ensure excellent client care.

In short, the needs of families come first.

FFRG’s Purpose

At FFRG, we believe it is our duty-our responsibility-to act, to react, to take initiative and make a real difference for families or individuals who are seeking recovery from disaster, financial burden, and other disabilities. We are committed to improving people’s quality of life and to inspiring the continued cultivation of impassioned communities.

Our Story

Transforming Lives

Family First Restoration Group was founded by passionate people providing communities and disasters through volunteerism, construction, community outreach, and rescue. For over 30 years our founders have served commercial, industrial and residential disaster restoration and their remodeling needs. Recognizing the breakdown in the processes and communication of programs, organizations, and committees that were intended to provide recovery but failed. Family First Recovery Group’s recovery program is built to serve the community and it’s leaders and to support family, friends and neighbors. Our story is that we are compassionate people who are driven by the need to help others.

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United Cajun Navy


United Cajun Navy was called into action during hurricane Katrina in 2005. Starting as a small fleet of 20 boats and volunteers rescued hundreds of stranded victims from rooftops and attics, risking their lives to save others. In recent disasters these incredible volunteers evolved into 700+ boats from across the country. Men and women using their own gas, equipment, time, and money to save lives. UCN continues to be the premier role model; disaster knows no boundaries, and we believe all lives are worth saving.

Our Team