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FFRG’s Mission

Family First Recovery Group helps Maximize Services Available for People and Families in Need..

These Services directly improve the quality of life no matter where a family may be. Whether a family or its members are seeking recovery from a financial disaster, pandemic, financial burden, health or spiritual challenge, their needs can be met.

Utilizing technology and industry services providers in the time of crisis such as Online Education, Job Creation, Training Social Activities, Physical and Mental Physician’s Visits through Telemedicine Services, Support from Spiritual Support Groups, Food and Medicine Distribution, Hotel Partners that can Provide Housing or be used as Emergency Hospital Facilities.

How We Reach Our American Family

  • Church Groups
  • Nonprofits Organizations
  • Community Leaders
  • Volunteers
  • Business Owners
  • Services Providers
  • Marketing Platforms


Let The Professionals at Family First Recovery Group Help You!