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Mission 2 Rebuild

Mission 2 Rebuild Mission Statement

Our Mission 2 Rebuild, in response to recent damages done during hurricanes, storms, and floods, is to service a stronger solution for families needing relief.

In connecting with organizations like Operation Nehemiah, we’ve created a community of connected local churches, charities, nonprofits, contractors, and community leaders. In loving our neighbors, we expand our wealth of resources.


Program Overview

When disaster occurs, Mission 2 Rebuild will be there for you. Mission 2 Rebuild seeks to identify resources to assist communities with effective post-disaster recovery support and needs. We focus on the best ways to help your family restore, redevelop and revitalize. The first phase of our services addresses the needs of homeowners who qualify under Solution II, and have been denied or do not know how to apply for financial assistance under existing Programs.

How We Help

A large number of homeowners were affected during the catastrophic flooding. One year later, many people are still expressing their frustrations with the process and the lack of resources. We decided it is our duty and mission to help those that were denied assistance or do not know where to begin.