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About Us

FFRG’s Purpose

At FFRG, we believe it is our duty-our responsibility-to act, to react, to take initiative and make a real difference for families or individuals who are seeking recovery from disaster, financial burden, and other disabilities. We are committed to improving people’s quality of life and to inspiring the continued cultivation of impassioned communities. 

Rising above the worry and fear of what is seen in the midst of a crisis is done through faith in God, faith in ourselves, and faith in one another. Family First Recovery Group creates support groups of its members by using online services such as social media and other platforms. These Groups can be sponsored by employers who are seeking employees that can be trained online and presented an opportunity for employment. Other activities such as family to family interaction like games and entertainment are results of health tips, recipes, child education technology safety and encouragement.

Though things may change because of a crisis, the expression of life, liberty, and above all Love will carry us through.

  • Web Based Community Living Services
  • Live Concerts by Celebrities
  • Family Challenges and Competitions
  • Education
  • Job Training and Placement
  • Church Services
  • Telemedicine Services
  • Medical Monitoring by (NP RN LPN) In house monitoring where family member can admin non-threatening meds
  • Online Dating
  • Online Construction Training (Personal Home Repairs)
  • Public and Private Events (Birth Days, Anniversaries, Dining
  • Digital Economics (Supporting Local and National Business Essential to Quality of Life Helping Create Opportunity in the time of Crisis


Our Story

Transforming Lives

Family First Group was founded in 2005 by Brian J Washington in response to hurricane Katrina and Reda devastating thousands of Louisiana’s Families. As a young avid business man and a licensed general contractor Brian quickly identified the unmet needs of families who were un/under insured unemployed and became homeless do to the natural disasters.

Working hand in hand with volunteer efforts through church groups and nonprofit organization across the state such as the United Way Red Cross and VOAD. Surrounded by passionate people providing communities and disasters through volunteerism, construction, community outreach, and rescue. In 2016-2018 we worked along with the United Cajun Navy with rescue and recovery for families in Texas and Louisiana.

For over 15 years Family First Recovery Group’s recovery has served the community and its leaders to support family, friends and neighbors. Our story is that we are compassionate people who are driven by the need to help others.

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Our Team